Manuscript appraisal

Discover what’s involved to take your work from draft to completed work. A manuscript appraisal gives you the insight you need to polish and perfect your piece. You’ll receive a considered, detailed report on the first impressions, setting, characters, themes, structure and plot.

You’ll know exactly what you need to consider to get your work ready for publication.

Structural edit

Perfect if you’re looking for advice on how to best structure your manuscript and get it to completion. This comprehensive service involves a detailed appraisal, along with a manuscript markup focusing on story arcs and growth of characters, and the success of multiple plotlines – how they intersect and work with each other. As well as comprehensive notes on tone, voice, point-of-view and the underlying themes.

Picture edit

We will help you to find the right flow and offer advice on storytelling visually. We’ll help you to understand what to put into your pictures and, most importantly, what to leave out. Getting the balance between text and imagery is key to any illustrated book and we will be there with you to find what works.

“I reached out to Flying Pants Editing for a manuscript appraisal for my picture book. Emma and Lucinda provided thoughtful, considered – and most importantly, actionable – feedback. I came away understanding exactly what I needed to do to get my manuscript to a publish-worthy state, and inspired to put those recommendations into action. There is immeasurable value in receiving feedback from industry professionals, and Emma and Lucinda deliver their findings with clarity and empathy. I couldn’t recommend Flying Pants Editing highly enough.”