This is such an interesting and, it must be said, valid question. Do I really need an editor? is something that many authors – especially first-time authors – ask themselves. There are plenty of tools available online to guide you through the self-editing process, so why bother? A professional editor can help you in more ways than you may, initially, think.

Picture this: you’ve finally finished your book. Hurrah! You’ve given it to a few trusted friends and family members and you’re feeling happy with their feedback. Completing a manuscript is no easy task and based on what your loved ones say, you’re feeling confident that you’re ready to submit your baby to a publishing house. But should you?

Would it, perhaps, be worth your while to have a fresh set of eyes cast over your hard work? Independent readers and editors can bring a fresh perspective to your writing. They haven’t seen you slaving away at the keyboard for months and can, therefore, see your work with clarity. They see where the holes in the story thread or structure lie, which characters need to be built upon further. Perhaps your writing style is beautiful, but the story meanders. Maybe your characters are strong and well-developed, but the structure of the novel could be re-worked to push the story further.

Do you have a fondness for words or phrases you repeat again and again without registering it (we all do it!)? Identifying this is difficult without an editor onside.

Is there something niggling and you can’t quite work out what it is – an editor will find it! Critical feedback that is positive and professional will elevate your manuscript and make you become a better writer, presenting your story in the best possible light.

A manuscript assessment can help you to polish your work before you submit to the highly competitive world of children’s book agents and publishing houses; our book editing services can help you to make the most of your words.